How do I manage my call history in the Webphone?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 09 August 2022

Want to know how many calling minutes you’ve used, or get more information about the calls you’ve made or missed? Go to your call history.

In the current version of the Webphone, you can filter calls by call duration, numbers and period to get more insight into your calls.

Filter your call history

The call history currently offers the following filter options:

  • Calls: all calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls and missed calls

  • Call duration: 1-5 minutes, 5-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes and 30+ minutes

  • Caller: Filter in all the phone numbers you have stored in Rinkel to see which phone number is called the most

  • Periods: All periods, today, last week, last 2 weeks, last month

Please note: your call history only goes back 1 year.