What options do I have when multiple calls come in at the same time on the Webphone?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 19 January 2023

Multiple calls coming in at the same time: it happens a lot as an entrepreneur! From now on, that's going to be a breeze when you're using the Webphone: you can have up to 15 active calls at the same time.

Are you on the line, and receiving a second incoming call? Then these are your options:

  • Don't pick up: Your second caller will follow the standard No Answer-process you've set up for this phone number.

  • Pick up: Your first caller will automatically be parked and put on hold.

The moment you pick up your second call, you have all the options to transfer to colleagues, or forward the call to your mobile phone.

Are you taking your first caller out of the 'parked mode'? Then your second caller will be put on hold. This way, you'll always only have one running call.

Tip: At the top of the dial screen in the Webphone you can see the number of active calls in the numbered blue dot!

Please note: You cannot leave notes for parked callers like in the iPhone & Android app. Instead of colleagues being able to take parked calls out of the waiting room themselves, you'll now have to do this via call transferring.

All calls will follow the standard No Answer-process you've set up. So should your colleague not pick up, then the caller will be put in the queue or hear the voicemail after X seconds if this is what you've set up.

Not interested in using this feature in the Webphone? Or want the additional calls to come in quietly and without beeps?

  1. Go to the cog icon, at the top left in the Webphone.

  2. Choose Incoming calls.

  3. Toggle call waiting off if you don't want to use feature at all, and/or toggle call waiting tone off if you want the calls to be delivered quietly.

  4. Click Save