How do I set my voice menu options on the computer?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 30 August 2022

What’s the benefit of the voice menu?

It saves you and your caller a lot of time, the caller is immediately directed to the right department and your company projects professionalism.

You can find the voice menu settings in My Rinkel under Numbers and then Voice menu.

How do I set a key?

In the example, we set key 1 as follows:

  1. Activate menu selection This button slides open as soon as you set the menu to prevent call forwarding from being switched on at the same time as your voice menu.

  2. Use key as default option If the caller does not make a choice in your menu, you can set a key as the 'default choice'.

  3. Play a sound clip If the caller presses key 1 and is connected to a certain line, you can play this in your audio message.

  4. Next Under the heading Next, choose 1. Forward the caller or select 2. Connect the caller to voicemail. If you press 2, the caller will hear your voicemail. We explain option 1 below!

Please note: Each key you want to activate, will have to be set individually.

How do I forward to a derpartment?

By choosing 'Forward caller' in the key and then clicking on 'Edit', you will be directed to another page for call forwarding.

  1. Forward to number This works the same as with Forward, only this time you press it after pressing the relevant key. If the caller presses 1, enter the phone number you want to forward the caller to.

  2. If there's no answer: Answering service Can't answer the phone, but want someone to speak to the caller personally? Then use our professional answering service for €2 per call!

  3. If there's no answer: Voicemail If you can’t answer the call, you can also choose to forward the caller to voicemail. What if the sound clip is not in the list? Go to Recordings in My Rinkel.

  4. If there's no answer: Hang up Choose this option if you want to hang up immediately if you can’t answer

  5. If there's no answer: Play a last recording before disconnecting Use this option to play an audio clip before disconnecting.

What additional options do I have in the voice menu?

With these options, you can place the caller in a queue!

  • Place the caller in the queue Slide this button to turn on the queue feature.

  • Maximum wait time Choose the maximum time (in minutes) that someone can spend in the queue before the 'no answer' option is activated.

  • Play hold music

  • Play a recording You can play a recording before the caller is placed in the queue.

Additional options for a Rinkel voice menu with queue