How do I transfer a call using the My Rinkel app (Android)?

Rinkel collega Silvina
Silvina van Dam
update: 15 February 2023

There are three ways to transfer calls:

Call transferring is possible for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Transferring via push notification

  1. Put your caller on hold.

  2. Write a note to your colleague, e.g: "Arthur from Rinkel for Jeroen".

  3. Your colleagues receive a notification on their phone, which shows your note and the caller’s number.

Your colleague can then choose to take the call directly via the notification or off hold via the app.

Below you can see exactly how this works.

Transferring without push notification

If the internet connection on your Android device is unstable, you may not receive the push notification. Don’t panic! We have also made the “Hold” feature available in the My Rinkel app.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the My Rinkel app, go to Hold to park the call.

  2. Select the current call.

  3. Once you’ve selected the call, you have 3 options:

    1. Put on hold

    2. Put on hold with note (option to add text for colleagues)

    3. Hang up

  4. Choose one of the holding options and your call will be put on hold.

  5. Your colleagues then receive a notification that a call has been parked.

  6. Colleagues can then see the call in the My Rinkel app, under On hold

  7. You also have the option of resuming the call yourself (if your colleague is unavailable) or transferring directly.

Transferring to colleagues or external numbers using the holding feature

You can easily transfer a caller to a contact from your address book or enter a number yourself.

  1. Put a caller on hold via the notification at the top of your screen.

  2. The app will now start automatically and take you to the hold queue. Click on the caller you want and select “Transfer”.

  3. You get a pop-up where you can enter a number.

The app will now call the number entered. When he/she answers, the waiting caller is connected.

If the number entered does not answer, the caller is automatically put back on hold and you are notified that the transfer has failed.