How do I put a caller on hold in the My Rinkel Android app?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 15 February 2023

We answer the following questions:

What do I need to be able to use the hold feature?

  • The Professional or Expert plan

  • The Rinkel app

  • To allow push notifications on your mobile

Want to forward to a colleague? Then they must also meet the same requirements.

How do I put a caller on hold?

As soon as you are speaking to a caller, you will receive a push notification in your screen with two options:

  • Park call with note

  • Don’t park

If you choose one of the above options then the connection between you and the caller will be broken. Your colleagues will now receive a notification from the app that there is a person on hold.

Have you chosen to park with a note? Then your colleague will also see this note.

How do I put a caller on hold if I have not received a push notification?

If the internet on your mobile is unstable, you may not receive the push notification. Don’t panic! We have also made the park call feature available in the My Rinkel app.

In the My Rinkel app, go to “Hold” to park the call.

Select the current call and choose one of the options:

  • Put On Hold

  • Put On Hold with note

  • Hang up

Colleagues then receive a notification and see the call in their own My Rinkel under “On hold”. You also have the option of resuming the call yourself if your colleague is unavailable.

How do I decide what the waiting caller will hear or how long the waiting time will be?

In My Rinkel, you will find the different options for playing sound for a waiting caller. These settings can be found under Numbers> Forwarding/Additional options. Here you have the following options:

  • Choose between playing a ring tone, hold music or a recorded message while waiting.

  • The maximum number of minutes someone can be on hold before the call is automatically disconnected.