How do I request a professional voice-over?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 17 November 2022

At Rinkel, you can have your voice-overs recorded by a professional.

You can use these clips for your custom greeting, queue or voicemail, for example. In this article we explain how to request a professional voice-over and which voice artists work with us:

How do I request a professional voice-over?

  1. Go to “Recordings” in My Rinkel.

  2. In the right-hand column, choose “Order voice-over”.

  3. Choose the voice artist and desired language from the dropdown menu.

  4. Enter the text of the message you want to record.

Which voice artists work with Rinkel?

  • Eva Zeijlstra (from TomTom, Connexxion and TV, among others)

  • Vincent van Haaren (from various animations, among others)

  • Wendy van Duivenvoorde (from radio and travel information, among others)

  • Wietske Janssen (from ABN Amro and Phillips, among others)

For more information and to listen to our voice artists, go to the voice-over page in My Rinkel.

A recording studio at home

All our voice artists have a studio at home or use a professional sound studio. So we can record your messages quickly and ensure each one is recorded for you with the utmost care and professionalism.

Voice-over costs

The one-off cost of a voice-over is €50 per 75 words.

Delivery time for voice-over

As soon as we receive your order, the voice artist will start recording your texts. Please allow for a delivery time of 2 to 5 working days.

Special pronunciation?

If you require a certain pronunciation (e.g. of your brand name), we can take care of it. Please contact us directly after ordering the voice-over.