How do I record sound clips in My Rinkel on my iPhone?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 17 November 2022

Currently, you can only upload existing sound clips via My Rinkel on your computer.

Uploading existing WAV or MP3 files.

You can set your sound clips for each virtual number.

Record your own sound clips

  1. Go to the My Rinkel app on your iPhone

  2. Click on Settings on the bottom right and then on Call recording or Greeting. Depending on where you want to set a sound clip. (Want to set up a voicemail? Please click on of the options mentioned above.)

  3. Click on Sound recording or Message. This will take you to all your recordings.

  4. Click on Record sound clip and click on the green icon when you are ready to record.

  5. Click on Done when you are finished.

  6. Set the intended use of the sound clip.