What about roaming charges while making and receiving calls abroad?

Rinkel colleague Maria
María Bielsa
update: 11 August 2022

In a nutshell: You can always make and receive calls when you are abroad. We simply transfer the call to the number(s) on the call forwarding list.

But what about roaming charges and other (additional) costs? We’ll walk you through it!

What is roaming?

By roaming, we mean using the network of another mobile operator. Because Dutch providers offer coverage all over the country, this only happens abroad.

There are two types of roaming:

  • Data roaming (on the internet): this is not relevant for Rinkel customers, as you don’t consume any data when calling with your Rinkel number.

  • Phone roaming: When you use the phone network of a foreign provider.

Roaming charges only apply when you are in another country and they are charged by your mobile operator. For example:

You are in Canada for a couple of weeks. Your colleague calls you from the Netherlands on your 085 number, which is diverted to your Dutch 06. In this case, you will have to pay roaming charges. This is because you still choose to pick up even though you know you are outside the EU. Your caller doesn’t know they are calling you in Canada and that you will incur unexpected costs.

Please note: Check with your mobile operator, as rates may vary from country to country.

What’s the situation within the EU?

Within the EU there are no roaming charges.

You always call just as if you were in the Netherlands.

What about when I’m outside the EU?

Unfortunately, roaming charges apply both when making calls from your Rinkel number(s) and receiving calls to your Rinkel number(s).

Avoid roaming charges:

  • Use the Rinkel Webphone! With the Webphone you call via the Internet. This means that there are no roaming charges for using the telephone network. Read about roaming charges and the Webphone.

  • Use a number from the country you are going to for call forwarding. Are you going to the United States, for example? Then forward your calls to an American phone number. This way you are in the country of your provider and avoid roaming charges. The countries that we support can be found on the country list.