What’s the difference between administrators and users?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 17 November 2022

If you, as an entrepreneur, want to separate administrator rights (such as viewing invoices) from user rights, then choose the user and administrator settings.

Or read How to invite someone to My Rinkel, or make a user an administrator.

What is a user in My Rinkel?

A user in My Rinkel is a caller with rights appropriate to the subscription, not including the administrative part. For example, a user cannot view invoices, set up payment methods, add users or reorder numbers.

A user (e.g. a colleague) can use My Rinkel independently, with his/her own log-in data. Users can change the following settings:

  • Forwarding

  • Greeting

  • Business hours

  • Voice menu

  • etc.

Users can also access the call history and listen to the voicemail/call recording.

What is an administrator in My Rinkel?

An administrator in My Rinkel can manage all the features associated with the subscription. For example:

  • View invoices

  • Change payment method

  • Add users

  • Order additional numbers