WhatsApp Business, the friend of SMEs and freelancers

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 17 March 2023

In the age of globalisation, differentiation is essential, and face-to-face communication with customers can be the key to getting your business off the ground. WhatsApp Business is the perfect channel to achieve this direct communication in a simple and flexible way. If you want to know more about the features and advantages of this platform, keep reading because we'll tell you all about it!

How is WhatsApp Business different from regular WhatsApp?

The business mode incorporates some features that make it a great tool:

  • It allows you to give shape to a company profile in which to put all the contact information, opening hours and links.
  • It gives the option of creating a catalogue from which customers can see the products and buy directly.
  • It is possible to sort chats by tags to keep them organised.
  • To interact with new customers, it allows you to create greeting messages, quick answers for frequently asked questions and absence messages for when they contact you outside of opening hours.
  • It offers statistics on the number of messages responded to, clicks on links and the type of content that is getting the most interaction, among other data.
  • The last functionality with which WhatsApp for companies will be implemented is to create communities around a product or service to offer added value to the customer and mass distribution of information.


Why is it perfect for small businesses and freelancers?

WhatsApp Business provides proximity and generates security and confidence in the customer, who sees that they can make queries and receive personalised information and place orders easily and quickly. All this contributes to something essential for any business: customer loyalty.

The increase in e-commerce through mobile devices has boosted WhatsApp Business as a sales channel for many companies. According to the study published by Hubspot on its use in companies in Spain and Latin America, 91.2% consider this application to be fundamental for their businesses, being a key part of their marketing and customer service strategies.

Jessica Beauty Shop is a cosmetics and make-up shop that became popular through its social media channels and grew thanks to its sales with WhatApp Business. Every time a new customer contacts through the chat, a conversation opens in which there is a text box with "Hello, can you help me". By accessing the catalogue it is possible to see all the products and a description with images of each one. To buy, you simply have to enter the items in the shopping cart. In the same conversation you can place the order and give the delivery details.

Two accounts for your two facets

For a freelancer or small business owner, maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is not always easy, but with this tool it is possible if you contract a landline number, associate it with WhastApp Business and keep your personal number with normal WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends.

Rinkel's virtual switchboard allows you to chat with suppliers, partners and customers through your company landline thanks to Rinkel's integration with WhatsApp Business. This way you can reduce the number of emails and calls, increase contact options and gain business opportunities.

Linking WhatsApp for Business with your number is very easy:

- Once you have downloaded the App, create an account and business profile with all data, links and your logo as profile image.

- Design automated welcome, absence or FAQ messages.

- Create a catalogue to share information about your products and services.

- Keep your conversations organised with tags.

Still have doubts about what WhatsApp Business can do for you and your business? If you would like more information on how to integrate our virtual switchboard with this valuable tool, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.