Update September 2020: Do more with the My Rinkel app!

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Lichelle van der Wiel
update: 01 October 2020

We never sit still, even while working from home! We’ve been making (big and small) changes to My Rinkel and the My Rinkel app and we can’t wait to share them with you. We started with a few ‘simple’ tweaks and ended up doing a lot of great new things!

So, what have we been up to?

  • Extending Caller ID: now with advance notice
  • Adding users to the My Rinkel app
  • Adding a hotkey for last number redial
  • Receive notifications via push notifications
  • Added notification settings to the My Rinkel app
  • Managing the Caller ID function in the My Rinkel app
  • Bug fixes (to little ones)

All in all, quite a few changes, which will really make a difference for you!

Caller ID with advance notice

Sometimes, we have to admit that even the most elegant feature could use some updating. This time it was the Caller ID feature. A feature you use when you receive a call. The old version of the Caller ID gave you the option of either seeing the caller's number on your screen or your own virtual number. But this solution was not for everyone.

Which is why we're proud to present...

Caller ID with advance notice. When a call comes in on your landline number, you will hear the following message as soon as you pick up: "This is a call on your Rinkel number."

This way, you know when to answer a call professionally and to keep the caller's phone number in view. The caller doesn't notice anything: they only hear the transition tone when the call is answered. Like the sound of it? It may take some time getting used to, but in the end it's a very convenient solution. We got this tip from a customer of ours! Learn how to set your Caller ID.

    + a number of changes to the My Rinkel app

    Adding users in the call forwarding and voice menu

    It can be tricky to remember your own number sometimes, let alone your colleagues’ numbers. That´s why we now also give you the option to choose the name of a colleague as a user in the forwarding or voice menu.

    Displaying user names in the call history

    We've now added users to the call history. The familiar "whose number is this again?" is a thing of the past! You can see exactly who called which colleague and when (when and why you will have to figure out yourself). 

    Calling the same number again? Click on the green phone.

    Tesla chief exec Musk sends people to Mars, but with Rinkel you used to have to manually enter the number for last caller redial... But now you simply click the green phone in your outgoing-call screen. The last number dialled will then be re-dialled automatically!

    Receive push notifications

    Remember the mysterious, unclickable 'app' button? It was sitting there quietly at the back of your notification preferences: you must have secretly clicked on it once. Good news: as of today, this button is not so useless anymore! You can now use it to receive push notifications for: 

    • Missed calls
    • Missed calls outside business hours
    • Voicemail received


    You can now also change notification preferences in the My Rinkel app

    Didn't receive a notification... or did you? Managing notifications is now easy in the My Rinkel app.

    You can now also change Caller ID in the My Rinkel app

    Since we were pretty busy anyway, we immediately built the ability to change your Caller ID preferences in the My Rinkel app. Hello flexibility!

      Bug fixes

      The following issues have been fixed:

      • You will now get a clear message "no internet connection" when the My Rinkel app is not working due to no internet connection.
      • You will now get a message "loading address book" when you have many contacts. Then you'll know it may take a little longer to load your contact list.
      Bug fix meme - Rinkel

      Please note

      It may take up to 24 hours before the update is visible on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Is something not working properly in the new version or in My Rinkel? First try pressing CTRL+F5 (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac). Still not working? Please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected], or chat with us (bottom right).