Take Charge of Your Business Calls with the New Rinkel App: Discover Enhanced Features and Sleek Design!

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 05 June 2024

Are you ready to elevate your business communication to the next level? Meet the newly updated Rinkel app—your ultimate tool for managing business calls with flair and efficiency. With a fresh, user-friendly design and the addition of long-awaited features like business hours, the new Rinkel app is not just good-looking; it's convenient, too! 

Designed with busy professionals like you in mind, our new app makes it easier than ever to separate work from personal life while staying connected to your team and clients. Whether you're at the office or on the move, with the new My Rinkel app you easily have control over your business communications from everywhere. Explore our user-friendly and good-looking interface and see how our features can simplify your day, boost team productivity, and impress your clients. 

What’s new? Cool stuff you can do in the new app

Now that the Rinkel app got a major upgrade, we also have some cool new stuff in the app that makes managing your business communications easier than ever. 

First up, we finally have the long-awaited business hours feature available in the app. It’s now possible to easily set specific hours for when your business phone number should be active. This helps you maintain that crucial work-life balance, even from your own phone. Simply define your business hours within the app and all calls outside those times can be redirected to voicemail or handled according to your preferences. This means you and your team can enjoy uninterrupted personal time without missing any important calls during business hours. 

Next up is our AI insights feature, available directly within the app. AI insights provides valuable summaries and analyses of your calls, making it possible to instantly understand the key points of every conversation, identifying topics and sentiments of every call. It's now possible to review these insights within the app. 

That’s not all! The app also comes with a few smaller, yet cool improvements. You can now switch between light and dark mode to suit your personal preference during those long working hours. And to top it off, it’s now possible to invite your colleagues to join your Rinkel account within the app. With just a few taps, you can add members directly from the app, for good collaboration. 

Check out the sleek new look!

The Rinkel app isn’t just packed with new features; it also has a sleek new look to improve your experience. Our updated interface is clean and modern, making the app nicer to use. 

We made navigating through the app easier and smoother with a new menu setup. Now, it’s easier to find what you need quickly, whether your managing calls and call forwarding, setting business hours, or inviting colleagues. Everything is easy to find.

Due to these improvements, we also send out less notifications in the app, because our app is so user-friendly.  

Even though the app looks different, it still works the same way you might be used to. You’ll find all the features in familiar places, so there’s no need to learn anything new. 

Enjoy the new look and improved navigation of the My Rinkel app. It’s all about making your business communication simple and enjoyable!

Things to keep in mind (or not, we’ve got you covered!)

As we roll out the new Rinkel app, there are a few small things to remember-nothing major, we promise! 

First when you update the app, due to system updates, you will be automatically signed out of the app. This means that after you update the app, you’ll need to sign in again. Think of it as a small step for a big leap in quality. Just a quick update and login, and you’ll be back to enjoying all the new features and improvements. 

The rollout starts today, June 5th, and it might take up to one week before the update is available to everyone. Don't worry, though! Your business will stay reachable during the update, and all your settings will remain untouched. The only thing you need to do is remember to sign back in once you’ve updated the app. 

“Creamos la nueva app de Rinkel para hacer la comunicación empresarial fácil y eficiente. Con nuevas funciones geniales disponibles en la app y un diseño elegante, es perfecta para mantenerse productivo y conectado. Ayudará a nuestros clientes a tener una mejor experiencia.”

Martijn Knol,
Customer Service manager

Updating the Rinkel app is more than just an update; it’s a step towards transforming your business communication. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business operations and impress your clients with seamless communication and professional efficiency. The future of business communication is here—make sure you’re a part of it!