Meet the team - Claudia

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 25 February 2024

Welcome to another episode of "Meet the Team" at Rinkel!

This time, we are pleased to introduce Claudia Schepel, our customer service expert with a unique cultural blend: half Dutch, half Spanish. Join us as we delve into her fascinating story and discover how her diverse experience enriches our team.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about her!

Tell us about your role at Rinkel
I'm responsible for customer service for the Spanish market and also part of the team for the Netherlands market. I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, and Dutch with my clients, and I always enjoy a good chat!

I respond to chats, WhatsApp messages, emails, and of course, calls. I always strive to provide the best service possible and make an effort to maintain clear and concise communication. I enjoy teamwork, and my colleagues often catch me trying to make a joke to brighten up the routine.

What's the first thing that comes to people's minds when they hear your name?
My family told me they named me Claudia because it's international. Being half Spanish and half Dutch, born in the Netherlands, my parents looked for a name that is pronounced and spelled the same in both languages.

Now my name is quite common in Spain, and there are many Claudias in my generation. When people hear my name, they probably think I'm local and don't have all that "background."

Do you have a nickname at the office?
For now, I don't have any nickname. In my private environment, they have always called me by my last name, because it's special and unique in Spain (as I said before, there are thousands of Claudias!)

My last name, Schepel, has extremely different pronunciations in Spanish and Dutch. But I like it when someone reads it and tries to pronounce it; for me, it's like an inside joke. How would you say it's pronounced?

What do you appreciate most about Rinkel?

I love my colleagues. All the members of my team are incredibly kind and helpful. They help me with everything, and I return the favor whenever I can. I really like the camaraderie I feel in my team and the informal connection I have with the clients.

I feel a lot of satisfaction in helping people. Helping makes me happy! When a client is happy with my help, it makes me feel good and satisfied, so I strive to always provide the best possible service.

What do you like most about your team?
The fact that I can count on each of my colleagues for the work. If I need help, they respond without hesitation, and if I have any problems, they are easily solved. Also, each of us has separate projects, and we also value individual work. It's a pleasure to be on this team.

More than one opinion is welcome and observed; I feel that I am part of the company's development as a worker and that my presence influences the product's result. This gives value to my work and keeps me motivated and happy.

Any life hacks for staying focused?
I've always had an easy time concentrating. In university, I had a very interesting subject that talked about psychology. I remember one day the professor talked to us about a concept called "Flow state." This defines the state you are in when you are doing a task for hours and you don't realize the passage of time.

In my case, this state applies to my tasks at work. I start the day and without realizing it, it's already over. I like my job, so the time I spend on it is well spent.

Who inspires you?
I come from a beautiful hardworking family that has dedicated themselves to improving their jobs throughout their working lives. They inspire me with confidence and also motivate me to improve every day.

My partner also inspires me in the more emotional aspect. It makes me want to be free and live life to the fullest. I am very grateful to have such beautiful people in my life, both personally and professionally.

What’s your favorite quote?
I am passionate about psychology and I like to read books about it and watch documentaries and interviews. There is a quote that I have written big on my corkboard hanging above my desk.

This phrase was said by a psychologist in a video I watched some time ago; unfortunately, I don't remember her name. But her quote resonates a lot with me. I am a person who tends to look for immediate results, and this quote reminds me that it's okay to be patient and take it step by step, without haste, but without pause.

Do not fear the path.

What’s your favorite office saying?
"Good morning, how was your weekend?"

My colleagues and I exchange this phrase every Monday morning. My favorite part of this job is the interaction with people, and that includes my colleagues. I enjoy listening to their experiences and also sharing mine. Besides, Mondays are not always bad; it depends on how you face life. I like to think that it's my favorite day of the week.

What is your archetype?
The archetype result for Claudia is the Activist, known for her free-spirited and optimistic nature. She excels at establishing meaningful emotional connections with others and has a contagious energy. While independent and creative, she sometimes struggles with self-discipline and consistency in her projects. Despite her moments of introspection, she constantly seeks magic in everyday life and values authentic and sincere conversations.

What’s your favorite holiday destination?
I don't have a specific one; I have visited many places. But I can say that the trip I remember most fondly was an adventure to the Red Sea. I got on a boat and lived on it for a week and a half. Every day we dived 3 to 4 times a day, and I had never seen reefs like those in my life, full of colors and life. I saw sharks, turtles, and even dolphins. It was a wonderful experience.

Any destination that allows me to put my head underwater will be a preference on my list. Although I don't rule out a good mountain. I like to change sports, and I also really like high-altitude ones.

What’s your favorite drink?
With this, I'll be very boring. My preferred drink is the source of life: water, simple and plain. Hydration is very important. Have you drunk enough water today? Go, get a glass!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I am an incredibly versatile and very fleeting person. One day I like one thing and the next another (this is not always good, as I can't settle). What will never change is diving; this will always be my favorite hobby, and I will continue to do it until I need a cane. Apart from seawater, I like to draw, read (especially fantasy and science fiction), walk in the mountains, do any craft that involves using my creative side, do sports, dance and listen to music, write, and I could name many more things. I really like working with my hands and I am currently following a training course in Quiromassage. Every Wednesday I give and receive massages. It's a pleasure! There was a time when I got into making jewelry; I like to try many things, as you can see.