An International Phone Number: A Good Idea?

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Janine Wilbrink
update: 15 July 2021

An international phone number for your company. If you're looking for this, then you know business is going well. Congratulations, entrepreneur! Companies use an international number when they open a new office abroad or want to serve more foreign customers.

If that applies to you, then it means that you are working hard! Discovered a new opportunity that you want to take advantage of? Are you moving your entire office abroad? Or are you expanding your services to our neighboring countries? These are all moments when you consider purchasing a foreign phone number.

In which cases is an international telephone number really a good idea? And what are the advantages or the drawbacks? We'll go through it with you!↓

A globe hovering above a hand in relation to an international business phone number


An international telephone number for your company?

Regional telephone numbers are the best choice for a company in Spain. The main advantage is that you come across as much more professional and reliable to your customers than with a your private number.

The opposite applies abroad: with a Spanish (+34) number you will soon come across as unreliable.

After all, it is not something that your foreign customers immediately recognize. Even if you call a professional company number instead of 06. Plus, people may think of a scam more quickly when they get a call from an foreign phone number.

Are you planning to:

  • open a new office abroad?
  • offer your products or services abroad?
  • offer professional customer service for your foreign customers?
  • move your office abroad?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then an international number is the right step for your business!

Why buy an international phone number?

Okay, we now know that an international phone number is a good idea. But why actually? Here are the advantages are when you purchase an international number from Rinkel:

  • You come across as reliable if you have a phone number for the country where you operate;
  • You can also record calls with your international number at Rinkel with the call recording function;
  • You always call at the standard rate (€0.06 per minute as a Rinkel Essential user or even for free if you have Rinkel Professional or Rinkel Expert!);
  • Everything is easily arranged from your My Rinkel account;
  • No hassle with providers and invoices: you have 1 invoice from 1 provider. Everything crystal clear.
  • And, to make it even better: You can also call out with your international Rinkel phone number! You can make and receive calls for the same rate.


Make sure you enter the correct country code before calling. Such as +31 for the Netherlands, +32 for Belgium and +33 for France.

Do you want to make international calls, but not with a foreign telephone number?

Do you want to reach foreign customers, without having to purchase a special foreign telephone number?

For example, because you have to call a supplier from Bangladesh, or a partner from the U.S.? That too is possible!

Rinkel currently supports 50 international destinations around the world. Do you usually call these countries? Then it will cost you nothing more than you are used to from us. Always at the same rate as when you call within the Netherlands!

View all international destinations we support.

Purchase an international phone number from Rinkel

At Rinkel we are at home in all markets. But unfortunately not in every country. This has to do with bureaucracy and the complexity of applying for a foreign telephone number.

You can currently purchase an international telephone number from us from:

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • England (no requirements)
  • United States (no requirements)
  • France
  • The Netherlands


Is your country not listed? Then hit us up in the chat: we'll always see what we can do for you!  

Requesting an international phone number is slightly different than what you are used to from us. This has to do with the legislation that differs per country and which we must comply with.

Therefore what you must comply with to obtain a telephone number differs per country. The most common requirement is having a physical location in that country.

Looking for a US or UK phone number? Then you're in luck: they don't have any special requirements. So if you want a phone number from here, you can do that right away.

Want to know more? Read all frequently asked questions about foreign phone numbers or order an international phone number directly!