Discovering: Washaby

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 21 November 2023

Taking care of the Planet with every wash

In Rinkel, it brings us great joy to introduce Washaby, a customer who not only dedicates themselves to laundry but also protects our precious planet. As a telecommunications company, we are inspired to collaborate with businesses that share our passion for ecology and innovation. Washaby is more than just an eco-friendly detergent; it is a passionate response to a crucial question: Why can't there be a detergent that is Earth-friendly and, at the same time, effective and easy to use? This bold approach has led to the creation of concentrated, water-soluble, single-dose capsules—plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly.

Washaby is not just a company; it is a committed team of passionate individuals. Comprising diverse profiles and environmental enthusiasts, this team has turned a dream into reality: democratizing eco-friendly laundry and bringing Washaby to every corner. Their independence from multinational corporations has allowed Washaby to create a unique and purposeful product with soul.


What does Washaby do?

Washaby was founded with two clear objectives: to make people's lives easier and to take care of the planet and its inhabitants. The company has developed a concentrated detergent formula in capsules that is not only effective but also eliminates the need for fabric softener, being environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. Furthermore, each capsule is designed to prevent overdosing and waste generation, ensuring impeccable washing even in cold water.

In our exclusive interview with Ferran, founder and CEO of Washaby, we delve into the origins, mission, and vision of this innovative eco-friendly detergent company. Discover the inspiring story behind Washaby and its passionate approach to sustainability and convenience in the world of laundry.


Rinkel: What sets Washaby apart in the world of eco-friendly detergents?

Ferran, CEO of Washaby: Our distinctive approach revolves around offering a highly effective, convenient, and user-friendly detergent that is eco-friendly. One aspect that stands out to our customers after trying it for the first time, and of which we are proud, is the perfume formulation—they love it. The cost per wash is even lower than that of conventional detergent brands in the supermarket, and with our personalized subscription plan, we deliver it to your home punctually with sustainable shipping. It couldn't be easier to switch to eco-friendly laundry with Washaby.

Rinkel: How did the idea for Washaby come about?

Ferran, CEO of Washaby: The idea for Washaby arose from our passion for caring for the planet and the people who inhabit it. We set out to create an eco-friendly detergent that is not only effective but also convenient for the user. That's how we developed our concentrated and water-soluble single-dose capsules, eliminating plastics and harmful chemicals. That's why we are certified with the ECOLABEL seal of the European Union.

Rinkel: What future plans do you have for Washaby?

Ferran, CEO of Washaby: We are excited about the future of Washaby. We plan to expand our market presence, reach more homes, and raise awareness among a broader audience about the advantages of eco-friendly washing. Additionally, we are developing and testing new products with our customers to make all household cleaning needs more sustainable (dishwashers, surface and floor cleaners, etc.).

Rinkel: How does Rinkel help Washaby in your development?

Ferran, CEO of Washaby: Collaboration with Rinkel has been essential for our operations. Their personalized telephone switchboard service has allowed us to provide exceptional customer service, and their technology has helped us manage our communications more efficiently. We are grateful for their constant support, which has allowed us to focus on our main mission: caring for the planet through our eco-friendly washing solutions.