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Maria Bielsa
update: 28 November 2023

Bringing Digital Marketing to New Heights

At Rinkel, we are thrilled to showcase one of our most prominent and passionate clients:, an innovative company that has been transforming the world of digital marketing and app development since 2021. Their customer-centric approach and dedication to technology have made them industry leaders. We sat down with the founder of, Alberto Moreno, to learn more about his experience with Rinkel and how we have contributed to their success.

Exclusive Interview with Alberto Moreno, Founder of Simplifica tu


Rinkel: Tell me a bit about yourself and your company. What does do, and how many employees do you have? Since when has your business been in operation?

Alberto Moreno: is a digital marketing and app development consultancy. With a team of 4 passionate employees, we are dedicated to guiding businesses in transforming their operations to stand out in the market and become the top choice for their audience. We have been operating since 2021, specializing in creating irresistible offers that exceed our clients' expectations, fostering long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

Rinkel: How did you come across Rinkel, and why did you decide to hire our services? What problem were you looking to solve?

Alberto Moreno: I discovered Rinkel by searching on Google for a solution to control call flow and obtain detailed data on incoming calls. We needed a phone system service that offered flexibility and allowed us to manage our communications efficiently. I chose Rinkel because of the intuitive interface of its website and the modern presentation of its services, which instilled confidence in me from the start.

Rinkel: Did you compare products from competitors? Why did you choose Rinkel?

Alberto Moreno: Yes, I compared at least three companies before deciding on Rinkel. What led me to choose Rinkel was the intuitive interface of the website and the modern presentation of the services. I felt that understanding the platform was easy after a brief learning curve, and that was crucial to our decision.

Rinkel: How has Rinkel helped in the development of What Rinkel features do you appreciate and use the most in your business?

Alberto Moreno: Rinkel has been instrumental in our growth. Its personalized phone system service has allowed us to provide exceptional customer service. I particularly appreciate the option to set up a welcome message for our customers and the ability to establish specific business hours for our company. Additionally, I am very interested in the option to set up a welcome menu when we have more lines, which will undoubtedly enhance our customers' experience.

With Rinkel as our communications ally, is poised to continue simplifying the world of digital marketing and app development. We are excited about what the future holds and express our gratitude to Rinkel for being a reliable partner in our digital journey. We look forward to consistently raising the standard in the industry and delivering unforgettable digital experiences to our clients. and Rinkel, transforming the digital world together!