Discovering: AgeWorld

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 21 November 2023

Connecting Audiences with Creativity

At Rinkel, we are thrilled to introduce AgeWorld, one of our most creative and exciting clients. As a telecommunications company, we take pride in having clients with innovative agencies that push the boundaries of digital marketing. AgeWorld stands out as a leading content creator representation agency, specialising in planning, executing, and measuring advertising campaigns. Their unique approach to connecting audiences with brands through a diverse network of talents is truly inspiring.

AgeWorld specialises in organising advertising campaigns in collaboration with a diverse network of talents and brands. Their innovative approach has allowed them to create original, engaging, and fun content that resonates with audiences and connects people with products and services they are interested in. With over 50 million exclusive followers across all social media platforms of their talents and more than 600 successful campaigns, AgeWorld has demonstrated their expertise in the world of influencer marketing.

With over 6 years of experience in the industry, AgeWorld has become a leading agency in the Spanish-speaking audience, especially on the YouTube platform. Their story is a testament to the power of creativity and dedication. AgeWorld's ability to organize online and offline events with influencers has established positive and profitable connections between brands and their audience, taking influencer marketing to new levels of success.

Before we dive into the interview, we reached out to talk to AgeWorld because we love to hear their perspective and learn from their experience in the world of influencer marketing. Now, let's take a closer look at AgeWorld through a brief interview with Douglas Sanchez, one of their project managers.

Interview with AgeWorld

Rinkel: What makes AgeWorld stand out in the world of influencer marketing?

AgeWorld: Our collaborative approach and passion for creating genuine connections between brands and audiences set us apart. We work tirelessly to understand our clients' needs and create campaigns that not only make an impact but also inspire people.

Rinkel: How did the idea for AgeWorld come about?

AgeWorld: The idea for AgeWorld stemmed from our passion for creatively connecting brands with their audience. We wanted to establish a space where content creators could collaborate with brands authentically and meaningfully, making a lasting impact on both the audience and the brands involved.

Rinkel: What future plans do you have?

AgeWorld: We are excited about the future of AgeWorld. We plan to expand our collaborations with innovative brands, explore new platforms and technologies, and continue creating unique experiences for our audiences. We are also focused on the professional development of our talents and remaining leaders in the world of influencer marketing.

Thus, the creative partnership between AgeWorld and Rinkel continues to inspire both companies to reach new heights in the exciting world of digital marketing. We are thrilled to see what new and exciting collaborations the future holds for us.

Rinkel: How does Rinkel assist AgeWorld in your development?

AgeWorld: Collaboration with Rinkel has been instrumental in enhancing our efficiency in influencer marketing campaigns. Their technology and services have enabled us to reach broader audiences and optimize our communication strategies. We are grateful for their continuous support.