Digital automation: reduce costs in your company

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 24 March 2023

Do you know how artificial intelligence can help you in your work? Have you thought about applying automation systems that help you make key decisions for your business? Do you know that you no longer need to be tied to a chair to be able to attend to your customers and continue invoicing? If you still have doubts, don't worry, in this post we tell you how technology can be your great ally to gain efficiency and cut costs.

Going for automation

Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks usually carried out by people and is applicable to different industries and sectors. Its main benefit is the reduction of costs thanks to:

- Reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.
- Investing the time saved in other tasks that add more value to the product or service, and/or in acquiring new customers.
- Minimising errors and, therefore, increasing the quality of work.


There are business management tools designed to automate processes and optimise resource management. These technological solutions are designed to cover different areas of the company and can give a global vision of many aspects of the business and help you, for example, to make better investment decisions and detect savings opportunities using financial management software.

aspects of the business and help you, for example, to make better investment decisions and detect savings opportunities using financial management software.

Knowing your customers, their needs, habits and tastes is essential to know how to communicate with them and offer them the right products, and just for this, to know them in depth, automation can also be very useful. Having intuition in business is good, but there is nothing like making strategic decisions based on objective data and an estimated return on investment. All this is possible thanks to data collection and analysis applications and tools such as Salesforce, a CRM that allows you to collect, analyse and use customer data to improve the user experience, or Google Analytics, a website analysis tool that provides information on user behaviour, trends and traffic sources.

Automation and communication

If automation has invaded any sector, it is communication, and in recent years solutions have been developed that are now essential for team communication and customer service. We are talking about chatbots, email management, scheduling of social media posts, automated internal notifications to organise meetings, follow up and assign tasks through project management systems. And also digital tools that connect team members by facilitating online communication and collaboration, allowing them to talk in real time or asynchronously, to transfer files and all kinds of information easily. Some of these solutions are:

- Slack. It is an instant messaging platform that can be used to create different conversation channels to connect the members of a team.

- Microsoft Teams. This is another digital platform that combines chat, video call meetings, file storage and application integration.

- Zoom. One of the most widely used video conferencing tools for online meetings and collaboration in business.

Another of the great advantages of automation applied to communication is the possibility of working from anywhere thanks to mobile telephony and virtual switchboards. These solutions allow you to have a fixed company telephone, projecting a more professional image, and to answer it from any mobile device wherever you are. In this way you can move freely and visit customers or suppliers without missing opportunities and keeping your business always attended. In addition, it is a great help when it comes to reconciling work and professional life.

As experts in technological solutions, at Rinkel we recommend you to enter the world of automation and technology. It's time to discover how a digital transformation in your business can boost your turnover, reduce costs and help you make better decisions, and all of this will have the best results for you and your company: generate more revenue.