Create a welcome message that reflects your brand´s personality

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 07 January 2024

A welcome message for your company adds an extra touch of personality. It's the first thing someone hears when they call you, setting the tone before the conversation has happened. It's a powerful tool for communicating your brand identity. Definitely not something to overlook. See below how it works:

You can easily set up a welcome message for your business phone number in the My Rinkel environment on your browser or in the app on your mobile phone.

The importance of a welcome message

A welcome message forms the first impression for your caller before you've even spoken to them. This first impression can create a positive connection with your customers and partners, improving the communication experience between you and your clients. With your welcome message, you can communicate your brand identity and provide a warm welcome to those reaching out to you.

Example of a good welcome message

A welcome message should be short, friendly and informative. The aim is to greet callers and provide them with the necessary information. See some examples below: 

  • Welcome to [Company Name], we're here to answer your questions. How can we assist you? One of our colleagues will be with you shortly.

  • Welcome to [Company Name], you will be connected shortly to one of our available representatives.

  • Hello and welcome to [Company Name], we're delighted you reached out to us. How may we assist you today? One of our team members will be with you shortly.

A welcome message goes beyond a simple greeting. It's the perfect moment to inform your caller about special promotions, opening hours, or discount deals. Use the welcome message as an additional communication tool to engage with your customer. See some examples below:

  • Welcome to [Company Name], Thank you for your call. Our business hours have been adjusted. We are now open from Monday to Thursday from 09:00am to 6:00pm, closed on Fridays. We are happy to assist you within these hours. One of our team members will be with you shortly.

  • Welcome to [Company Name]. Take advantage of our current promotion: only this month with every purchase, you'll receive [specific offer]. Visit our website or ask our staff for more information. We´ll be with you shortly.

Setting up a welcome message in your browser

If you want to set up a welcome message in your browser, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to My Rinkel; you will automatically be directed to the Numbers page.

  • Select the phone number for which you want to set up the welcome message.

  • Click on 'edit' in the tab of "Greeting".

  • Choose a recording or click on 'Go to recordings.'

  • Record a message, upload a recording, or order a professional voice-over. When you order a professional voice over, we´ll upload it to your dashboard within 5 working days. You will also receive it by email.

  • Click "Save" once you have selected an audio clip.

  • Verify that the switch for the greeting is set to 'on' on the Numbers page.

Setting up a welcome message in the app

Open the My Rinkel app on your mobile phone. Go to settings and click on 'Greeting.' Here, you can activate the welcome message and choose a sound recording. In the app, you can only record a message yourself. If you want to order a professional voice-over, you can only do so in the web version of My Rinkel (via your computer).