A motivated and committed team, the secret to business success

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 31 March 2023

A team that works in harmony, shares goals and supports each other works better and makes a company grow and prosper, which is why the employee experience is as valuable as the customer experience. If you want to discover why it is so important to make your employees happy and the role that the employer must assume to achieve it, don't stop reading because we tell you about it below.

The benefits of motivated teams

The vision of work and work environments has evolved over the years. Today's employees are looking to develop their careers in companies that value them, with positive work environments and cohesive teams. Making your employees feel motivated and creating a cohesive team generates great benefits that have a direct impact on the business: 

- Increased productivity. The study Happiness and Work by the Mexican consulting firm Crecimiento Sustentable states that happy workers are 88% more productive, and if we add to that the efficiency of agile and fluid teamwork in which members complement each other and collaborate, the result is an increase in productivity and, therefore, in profits.  

- More stable workforces. If the team works well and individual employees feel listened to, valued and have the opportunity to grow internally, there are fewer departures and additions to the team. A stable and united team with decrease staff turnover, strengthens the work system and maintains production times and quality. 

- Better working environment. Working side by side with people you feel good with favours internal team dynamics and the transfer of knowledge and experience.

- Innovation and creativity. A motivated and aligned team works together to find solutions to the problems that arise on a daily basis, which means saving time and resources, but also a great creative stimulus that can lead to innovation for the business.


The importance of communication

Getting a team to function well and stay motivated requires strong communication skills to resolve misunderstandings and create an atmosphere of trust and respect. Transmitting this is not easy, but it is something that the company must encourage by setting an example with actions such as the following: 

- Making it clear which are the communication channels for each situation. 

- Promoting active listening. 

- Encouraging open communication in which everyone expresses themselves freely without fear of being judged, criticised or excluded by colleagues or superiors. 

- Celebrating successes so that the team feels valued and maintains its dedication and commitment. 

- Encouraging learning from mistakes and constructive criticism.

There are collaboration tools that can help improve team communication. Project management platforms, chat rooms and video conferencing can facilitate real-time conversation.

Company culture and leadership

A sense of belonging helps employees to be committed to the company and to identify the company's goals as their own. This is achieved by building a strong company culture: a set of values, beliefs, norms, behaviours and practices that characterise an organisation and influence the way its employees interact with each other, customers and/or suppliers. 

In order for the whole team to embrace this culture, you must take the role of leader and know how to clearly transmit the business objectives and communicate in a close and empathetic way, showing flexibility and adaptability, knowing how to transfer your knowledge and technical skills. It is important to make employees feel confident and empowered, and for this it is also essential to know how to delegate. 

A good leader knows the importance of working on team cohesion. Teambuilding dynamics are activities and exercises designed to improve communication, collaboration, trust and motivation of team members, so that they can work more effectively together and achieve better results. At Rinkel we take teamwork and a good working environment very seriously, that's why we are preparing everything to enjoy a teambuilding weekend in September. What about you? Are you thinking about organising a session with your staff to keep them united and motivated?