5 future trends in mobile business communication for the next 5 years

Rinkel colleague Maria
Maria Bielsa
update: 10 April 2024

A lot has changed in the past few year when it comes to business communication. And, well – take it from us – there is a lot more to come. But not to worry; we’re here to get you up to date.  

Staying informed of the latest trends can make a lot of difference in how effectively you communicate and stay in touch with your audience, clients and team members. So, ready to be informed? Let’s explore the 5 most important future trends for the next 5 years! 

1. AI in business communication

AI is being used in the telecom sector for a couple of years now. It’s being used as a virtual assistant for customer service: for example, as AI-powered chatbots who can: 

  • handle routine queries 

  • Provide instant support 

  • Can personalize interactions based on used preferences. 


But that’s not all. In the future AI will increasingly serve as a virtual assistant in business communication and take a lot of work off your hands. It will automatically analyse and summarise business conversations which will provide better insights into the needs and complaints of (potential) clients. Implementing AI in your business communication will help you work faster and gain insights into new business opportunities. You can already implement this in your company with services like AI insights from Rinkel.  


2. mobile business communication tools.

With remote work becoming more common., mobile communication tools are essential for keeping your team connected and productive.  Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, managing projects or having an important business call with a potential client, having access to different platforms on your mobile device is a game-changer for entrepreneurs on the go, because it will ensure that you can always work on your business. Slack is an example of a mobile business communication tool. Integrating a business line on your smartphone also allows you and your team to collaborate anytime, anywhere. 

3. new networking opportunities via API

Telecom providers will start working more and more with APIs (Application Programming Interface). An API is a way for two or more programs to communicate with each other. It’s a type of software interface, offering a service to other pieces of software. It will increase your company’s efficiency by automating administrative tasks, integrating your favourite systems and streamlining processes.  





4. various communication tools

Companies are increasingly focusing on reaching customers through a variety of communication tools. From social media and chat apps to traditional email and phone, customers want to be able to communicate through the platform of their preference. To stand out in the modern world with a lot of competition it’s important to offer a lot of different communication channels. A potential client could easily go to a competitor when you don’t offer the communication tool that they want to use. This requires flexibility and the ability to be consistent across all channels. An example of a company that uses various communication tools is Amazon. Besides their interaction through the website and mobile app, they also have a strong presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  

5. unified communications

Unified communications (UC) includes all communication tools (telephony, chat, video, e-mail) on one integrated platform. Companies are embracing UC to make communication more efficient and increase productivity. UC allows employees to seamlessly switch between different communication tools and devices not matter where they are located. An example of a UC tool is microsoft teams: which offers online meetings, audio and video calling, chat, file sharing amd storage, all integrated into one platform. 


the importance of staying ahead of trends in business communication

Staying ahead of trends in business communication is crucial to stay relevant and stand out from the competition. By using new communication tools and strategies, you can work more efficiently and make your customers happier at the same time. It’s like getting your business future proof and ready for whatever comes next. So even when you’re just a start up, staying ahead of trends can make the difference and keep your business on the right track for success.