The future is calling: will you answer?

With AI Insights: the revolutionary technology that streamlines your processes, reduces administrative burden, and uncovers new business opportunities.

That is how AI Insights saves valuable time, makes work more enjoyable, and provides you with everything to further improve your business. Isn't that the dream of every entrepreneur?

Elevate your business to the next level

With the power of AI Insights.

  • Work faster: Conduct more conversations or free up time for other important tasks. That's maximum efficiency.
  • Make your work easier: Reduce administrative burden (the summary writes itself!)
  • Discover new business opportunities: Uncover valuable insights from conversations and discover opportunities for growth and improvement.

With AI Insights, you always stay informed about what's happening in the company: with real-time insights and a dashboard, you always have an overview.

How does AI insights work?

AI Insights makes life easier for you and all your colleagues. It does so automatically with:

  • Summaries: A notepad is a thing of the past.
  • Topics: Immediate overview what your calls were mostly about.
  • Sentiment: What was the tone of the conversation?
  • Dashboard: Discover new business opportunities.

As an entrepreneur, you always have insight into what's happening in your company. And you make the lives of your colleagues more enjoyable, faster, and more efficient.

AI Insights is available for all Rinkel subscriptions. Read more about AI Insights features.

Enrich the data in your CRM with AI insights

All your data accessible and integrated into your favourite systems as well? Combine the power of AI Insights with the smart automations of webhooks.

A smart way to ensure you see not only that the conversation has taken place, but also what was discussed and what agreements were made. This way, you have all the benefits of Rinkel and AI Insights in the convenience of your own CRM system.

With webhooks, you connect your conversation data from Rinkel to countless other applications. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Rinkel functie uitleg webhooks integratie

Discover the power of AI insights